New Year, New Blog, New Wordpress

This is 2011 and the only change i could think of is to move from blogspot to wordpress. I don’t really have any special reason but it seems i would like to enjoy all the noise about wordpress. I also like the name. For those who know me from other places, I only write on things that matters in life; like how we should spend our money right or the kind of credit cards suitable for you.

In this year, I will be making a lot of posts that tell my readers how to invest and invest right. Basically I am not a big fan of stockbrokers who are interested in your commission. Whiles their advice are good, and sometimes very good, value investing is almost all about knowing what you are investing in. Just as the guy at the fashion store should not convince you to buy a leather jacket just because it has the ‘sale’ tag on it, you don’t have to let the opinion of the stockbroker be the command line of your judgement in investing.

For now, I will tell you that stick with me and you will experience a new wave of wisdom in your personal finances and investments. Happy new year!!! (where is my firecrackers…:)


About maxcuban

Expressing my own opinion on contemporary issues both academic and social!!
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