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Getting all that you want from a hosting service at a price that you can afford in these times is not an easy one. If your business decides to go online, it dawns on you that the basic website that you use for blogging and sharing is not enough. You need more than that; storage, bandwidth, security, guaranteed uptime and a whole set of toolbox.

From registering your domain to setting up your website, offers a robust package that really makes your presence on the web very professional. They have smooth and edgy web building tools that are novice-friendly with the choice to make from hundreds of templates none of which would ever get you bored making the end results being fantastic and apt. offers a free security suite, which I am yet to find a match anywhere on the web. Their real-time web statistics and traffic reporting provides you with detailed analysis of all activities on your site as well.

E-commerce clients can set up free online store, select slick-styled shopping carts with PayPal integration to enhance the security and appeal of their online businesses. For website clients, offers a free $125 value in credit for advertising on Google, Facebook and Yahoo just to give you a head start. If you are a blogger, it is much of a delight. You enjoy a free domain, photo gallery, blogging tools, and enhanced security submission to all the major search engines for only a flat fee of $25! Is there really any web hosting service that offers such a complete package? I doubt. They also offer you unique set of blogging software for you to make a choice from.

Their 24/7 support service is unparalleled. Just pick up your phone, dial their number and they have a pleasant service representative to address all your complaint. I saved the best feature about ipage hosting for the last; all their servers are 100% green energy powered. So if you are shopping for technology support that has the ozone layer in mind, should be your premier choice 10 years of consist web-hosting has really made them leaders in what they do.


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