Review: – Just another webhosting service makes commitment to costumer satisfaction an integral part of their business system. The webhosting giant provides you with combined features that will cost you a couple of $1,000 to put together from other sources on the internet. With as little as $3.45 a month, you have every reason to sign up with just host for your webhosting service.

The thrill starts with free domains. Choose a domain name from all the major extensions; .com, .net. , .org, .biz. and get your domain registered with any of these extensions of your choice. This webhosting provider provides unlimited storage space, unlimited email account and unlimited domain transfers in the package. Users also have access to free user-friendly website building tools with powerful features that allow client to save on paying for website development. If you are now considering owning a website, you may not have a better choice.

However JUSTHOST also features a single-click website migration tools that will move your website from an existing domain to their servers just in case you want to experience the wonderful package they have on offer. Running an online store from other webhosting servers require that you pay hefty fees for the tools for building your store. But at JUSTHOSE, it’s just a way of saying welcome! Its free. They also give you over $100 worth of advertising credit to advertise of Google, Yahoo and MySpace for free. This webhosting service provider claims to offer anytime money-back guarantee, an assurance I doubt you will ever need.

At the time of writing this review, JUSTHOST had received critical praise from webhostingchoice as number 1 for the year, it had received the Best Features award for 2009, and featured as Editors’ Choice at in 2009. This hosting provider claims ‘This is the last hosting plan you will ever need’; it is possible to agree with them in every respect.


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