The most effective ways to successful traffic building

Building a high traffic website or blog is not a day job but it should not be a 24/7 either. With a little bit of smartness and common sense, you will generate timeless traffic to your website even after you are dead. Traffic building isn’t based on techniques that are expected to fall out of fashion in the next couple of weeks. If you are aiming for effective traffic building, ask yourself where will this put me in the next 10 years? The following strategies should help you establish how succeed in effective traffic building.

1. Publish timeless content – if you are putting content that you wish will draw attention to your website, write content that will transcend age and generations. What will be the value of your website’s resources in 2010, 2015, or perhaps 2050, if your content is not time-bound, nobody will need to be following it after it has fashioned out. Ensure that people who will read your content in say twenty years to come will still see benefit in reading and forwarding them to their friends.

2. Think human first, then computer second. One common practice among webmasters is that we are so much engrossed in pleasing search engines that we forget the human element in traffic building. So for instance why will someone making a social bookmark submissions simply by putting the website address and few keyword there without any description? Social sites are supposed to engage you and the external world so make sure that any social bookmark submissions you make will be valuable to any person who comes across it. Avoid automated social bookmark submissions and if you can’t deal with their growing numbers simply outsource it to an expert. The same applies to directory submissions.

3. Create original content – when the first person visits your website, he should have an impression that what he saw has not being written, said or seen anywhere. Your content should set you apart from the competition. Write for humans by avoiding technical jargons. Don’t put untruth content on your website because people will link to it; if you are not ready to deal with then, the stay off speculations. The more original your content are, the more people will like to come back for more.

4. money is a means to an end. Maybe you want high traffic because you want to make money from your website. But do not make money be your strongest motivation right from the beginning. When you start blasting your visitors with money issues, they will simply back off. If you are paying for social bookmarking and directory submission services, consider this as a long term strategy and avoid over-monetizing your content.


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