Just another article: Facts on Auto Insurance Ratings

Most of us have been with the same insurance company for years and years, in spite of the fact that our insurance bill keeps getting bigger every six months. Have you ever asked yourself why, as a valued customer, a company would continue to hike up your prices for seemingly no reason? Well, the reason is that they know it is too much trouble for you to change companies, so they might as well soak you while they have you.

Auto insurance ratings take into account the most basic factors such as your driving record and the number of miles that you drive, but also the type of car. This is where many people get in trouble. You don’t have to drive a race car for it to be expensive to insure. In fact, many of the most expensive cars to insure are inexpensive to buy. So, before you buy your next car, check with several insurance companies and get a quote on the cars you are looking at.

Auto insurance ratings also take into account your credit score, your overall credit record, your level of education, what you do for a living, and where you live. Where you store your car is important, as is how many people have access to driving it. Knowing all of these factors can help you understand why you may pay more for your insurance than someone else, and also to understand that you need to go shopping for a new policy now.


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