Common Pitfalls to avoid in Directory Submissions

All the popular search engines; Google, Yahoo, Bing, have rules and algorithms in determining which website pop ups first in any search query. One of the very important determinants of your website visibility is page ranking. Search engines rank websites by comparing the number of external links to your website. Usually, incoming links are better than outgoing links whiles one way incoming links are valued by search engines more than reciprocal link exchange.
Webmasters and website owners know this truth so everyone organize tools and strategies that will increase their page ranking. One of the basic tools is the use directory submission services. This allows you to build a list of quality one way incoming links to your website with no mutual link exchange. To get your entry accepted by web directories watch out for these pitfalls.
1. Minimize or avoid the use of directory submission software. There is the temptation to subscribe to software that promises to submit your entry to thousands on directories at a token fee. The downside is that these submissions are managed by human beings and therefore they are likely to reject your submission if it is suspected to be from software, which may be classified as spamming. If you decide to go for software be sure to confirm the integrity of the vendor.
2. Follow the rules. Unlike social bookmarking where every submission is easily accepted and submitted right away, each directory submission service have their own rules and regulations regarding submissions and approvals. Ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the rules governing submission by each service provider to enhance your chances of being approved. It is therefore important that you avoid ‘copy and paste’ style of submission.
3. Be factual with your submission. When making entry into a web directory, be as objective as possible. Your entry should be devoid of any marketing or advertising gimmick. Your entry will be denied if you focus on ‘how good you are at making baskets’ instead of listing ‘the types of baskets you make’. Directories are not advertising platforms and you should not be the one to decide otherwise.
4. Choose the right directory service. There is no point in trying to get your website popular through a directory which is low-ranked. Search for those that are high ranked by search engines as they are recognized as more credible. Know that not all directories are created equal some are plainly marked as ‘spam’ or ‘suspicious’ by search engines and so you need not waste your time there.


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