Android : Tabs. The Fragment Way

I Should Write This $#!T Down

If you’re the die-hard follower (yes, I said “the” because the stats says there is) of this blog, you would have probably noticed that I’ve been M.I.A for awhile.  We’ll, it’s mainly been because I’ve been working on an Android project with a super-toit deadline which we managed to launch JIT on to the Marketplace.

Now that the first phase of that project is over, I’m now able to reflect a bit on the code that was produced and share here some of my experiences and (source).

In this first installment, I want to illustrate how to create a Tab activity using Fragments since, going-forward, it is suggested that building on Fragments will ensure your app is compatible with pre-Honeycomb, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich (tablet and phone) OS versions (see this article).  Remember, in Android 2.x Tabs are presented as classic “filing” tabs, while on Android 3.x and higher tabs are represented in the

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